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 ~*The Rules*~

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PostSubject: ~*The Rules*~   Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:36 pm


1.  Respect others opinions - This is an 'kin server, there are a lot of different beliefs & opinions among us, respect these. You can disagree civilly. Agree to disagree and leave it alone.

2.  Roleplay - Roleplay is not allowed here. We are not roleplaying as anything and we expect members to take note of this.

3.  Spam - There is a channel for spam. Post it there, and no where else.

4.  No Physical Shifting - No one can physically shapshift, do not make claims that you can.

5. Politics - Not allowed here. This is not a political server.

6.  Racism, transphobia, homophobia, pedophilia, pedophilia apologists, etc. - Oh hell no. Definitely not. Instant ban for this shit.

7. Art Theft - Not allowed, a warning will take place and if continued, an eventual ban.

Fictionkin Specifics

1. Double-friendly - If you have an issue with this, you may want to leave
2. Character hate - Dislike a character all you want but do not attack the people who identify as the character you dislike on the basis of them being said character
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~*The Rules*~
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